What to do around Popayan

Southern Colombia may attract less tourists than the Caribbean north but it is an area rich in archeology, nature, indigenous culture and colonial architecture. And Popayan makes the best base to visit all the Southern region of Colombia as all of its highlights are close around Popayan.

Popayan itself is an interesting and attractive colonial city also called “the White City” as all the beautifully restored houses in its historic center are painted in white. It is a Unesco City of Gastronomy, a Colombian National Marvel and its Semana Santa, a Unesco Masterpiece of humanity.

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ParkLife Hostel Popayan - Starting point: 2.441243, -76.606233
Silvia Region and Silvia Market: 2.612467, -76.378670
Purace Volcano: 2.316111, -76.398582
Purace National Park: 2.362764, -76.360474
Tierradentro: 2.583300, -76.033300
San Agustin Archaeological Site: 1.888105, -76.279449
Coconuco Thermal Baths: 2.342142, -76.493629