Directions in Popayan to ParkLife Hostel

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ParkLife Hostel Popayan 2.441243, -76.606233

ParkLife Hostel Popayan Address

The adress of ParkLife Hostel is: Calle 5 6-19, Parque Caldas, Popayan. We are in the central square of Popayan, Parque Caldas, beside the Cathedral.

Directions in Popayan to ParkLife Hostel from the bus station

Come walking

We are not far from the bus terminal. It's actually a nice 12 minutes walk and along the way you can see some of the colonial buildings from Popayan.
Just cross the big iron bridge over the Panamericana Road and then straight forward until Carrera 11. Turn left in one of the streets that cross it and you will get to one big street called Carrera 9 (it's the only one with trees in the middle). Turn right and go along the Carrera 9 until the intersection with Calle 5 within the historical center (around 8-10min and 8-9 blocks). Turn left and go along Calle 5 for three blocks and you will get to Parque Caldas (central park). Walk a half block further and you will find us on the right hand side of Calle 5, just to the left of the Cathedral.

By taxi

If the taxi driver doesn´t know ParkLife Hostel, ask for the central park (Parque Caldas). It will cost around 4000-4500 COP* depending on time and day (night and Sundays are more expensive). Take into account that the street we are located in is for pedestrians only. The taxi will have to drop you 15 meters away, in the bank DaVivienda corner.

Directions in Popayan to ParkLife Hostel from the airport

Come walking

From the airport you have a 5-10 minutes walk to the bus station. From there follow the explanations we give in the section above "From the bus station – Come walking".

By taxi

The same instructions as in "From the bus station – By taxi". The only change is that you will be paying a little bit more, 4500-5000 COP* depending on time and day (night and Sundays are more expensive).

Coming with your own car, motorbike or bike to ParkLife Hostel Popayan

Ask for Parque Caldas or drive along Calle 5 until you get to Parque Caldas (central park, for pedestrians only). Go to the corner where Davivienda Bank is. We do not have parking spaces for cars or motorbikes, but there are some cheap parking places around. As for your bicycle, you can keep it inside of the hostel.